Lifetime Support

Georgetown Bariatrics provides support opportunities for our patients in several different arenas.

If you feel that personal attention would benefit you, please try to attend our Goal Getters meetings, which are held once a quarter.  We offer a variety of topics that are related to health, cooking and physical activity.  We also welcome your suggestions.

Here's our current Support Group Schedule:

We are Starting a Walking Program

March 7th


No excuses. Get out here at 9:30am with us and take the first step towards your best physical being. We'll meet you in the GCH Solarium with ideas for record-keeping, news on phone apps that you can use, and a trail that we'll use to get you started. 

Dress comfortably and wear your good walking shoes. Keep an eye on the weather, because unless it's snowy and icy, WE ARE WALKING! 

Meet us at the Lexington Farmer's Market

June 6th 


We talk about getting in those healthy fruits and veggies, so where better to meet than THE place to get the cream of the crop! Meet us in front of the old Lexington Courthouse at 9:30am, and we'll talk briefly about why it's so great to shop local. 

If you've never been to the Farmer's Market, take this opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of what can only be described as a fun Saturday morning. 

The Market is in downtown Lexington at Cheapside Park (under the canopy).

Ask the Plastic Surgeon! 

September 5th


Sometimes our patients want to have options for excess skin removal after weight loss surgery. Join us in the GCH Solarium at 9:30am to hear a local plastic surgeon talk about what he can offer you.  

Take this opportunity to ask questions and learn! How often do you get the opportunity to pick a surgeon's brain? 

Notice: This is not a child-friendly topic. There will be graphic photos shown. 

Organize and Simplify

December 5th 


Simplicity is key for a peaceful life. ESPECIALLY during the holidays! Let's talk about how we can take small steps to simplify our lives, which will lead to a large pay-off in terms of reduced stress and ability to follow the lifestyle changes needed for long term success with weight loss surgery. 

Meet us in the GCH Solarium at 9:30am for a discussion about how simplifying has long-term benefits for your life. 

Please look at our Event Calendar to get dates, times, location and subject matter for all of our events.