Gastric Plication

The newest weight loss procedure to be offered by Dr. Weiss at Georgetown Bariatrics is the Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication, an emerging procedure for gastric restriction.  With this procedure, the stomach is dissected on one side, which allows the surgeon to access both the front and back surfaces of the stomach.  One side of the stomach is folded and fastened.  The folds narrow and reduce the available volume of the stomach, limiting how much the patient can eat at one time. 

The LGCP does not require removal of any gastric tissue or surgical alteration of the bowel.

The major change to your anatomy is that the stomach lining is folded in upon itself.  The intestines are not manipulated at all, which allows for complete absorption of calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

At this time, it is still considered investigational, and insurance companies do not cover this procedure.  Due to this, it is a self-pay procedure.  Additionally, because this is a relatively new procedure, there are no long-term (5 years and greater) results.

Typical Weight Loss Achieved (2-year data):  about 50% of Excess Body Weight (EBW)


  • No removal of stomach tissue; stomach not cut or divided              
  • Faster weight loss than Gastric Band                              
  • No foreign body issues/ adjustments                              
  • No Malabsorption/ Dumping Syndrome; less risk of protein/ vitamin deficiencies                              
  • Least expensive surgical self pay option


  • Investigational: Self-Pay only
  • Long term results not well established (2 year follow-up on data in US)
  • Early nausea
  • Not reversible; but does allow conversion to other weight loss surgery procedures
  • Full absorption of all foods
  • No dumping; easier to "cheat"